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Welcome to our Year 1 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 1 Staff:

Miss Newton – Teacher

Mrs Isted – Support Staff

Week Beginning 12.7.21

In the last weeks of school we have really shown our creative side! We have made tiger collages, practiced sewing and took part in the Big Sing event. Additionally, we finished our cricket sessions and though we were sad about this, we had such a good time!

Week Beginning 11.6.21

This week we have started a new story in English. This story is called ‘Monkeys and Hats.’ We all wore our best hats to join in with the actions and songs. Below is a video of us singing a song from the story:

We wrote sentences about this story using adjectives, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We even wrote wanted posters to find the cheeky monkeys who stole the hats!

In Maths, we have been looking at counting forwards and backwards within 100. Sometimes we find it tricky going backwards past the next ten but we are making good progress with this!

In PE, we have been so lucky in learning how to play cricket with Miss Tipton. We are having so much fun learning the game rules and how to field.

In topic, we have started our painting and collage topic. We looked at Van Gogh and how he uses lines to create abstract backgrounds. We even tried making one ourselves! Take a look:


Homework and spellings can be found on Showbie.

PE is on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Reading books and logs should be returned on a daily basis.

Coloured folders need to be returned on a Thursday.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 10.5.21

We have worked super hard in Year 1 this week! Because of all of our hard work, Miss Newton gave us all some extra time outside to sit and chat with our friends. It was lovely to see everyone chatting away and was a great use of our mindfulness time.

In Maths this week we have been focussing on numbers to 50. So far, we have practised counting forwards to 50, backwards within 50 and making numbers to 50 with dienes. We are doing a great job and can’t wait to continue this next week.

During Literacy we have begun a new piece of writing – retelling the story of Beegu! We spent this week looking at adjectives to describe Beegu and used these in a lost poster. We also wrote some lovely setting descriptions too. Before writing, we needed to create group story maps. Take a look at them below:

In PSHE, we have been creating posters to inform others on why they need to wash their hands to keep clean. Before we started this, we learned a lovely song to help us. See the video below:


If you don’t already know, we are all so excited to see how our runner beans have grown each day so we thought it would be a good idea to post an update on here.


Coloured folders must be returned every Thursday.

Reading books and logs must be brought in on a daily basis.

PE is on a Monday and Wednesday.

Spellings and homework are available on Showbie.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 3.5.21

We finished our stories in English this week and they were fantastic so I just had to attach some examples below!

Now, we have started our new story…BEEGU! We began by making predictions about Beegu and where he came from. Then, we looked at adjectives and how they change what the reader can visualize. We used this to help us write lost posters as Beegu’s family looking for him.

In Maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction within 10. We used tens frames, our fingers, number lines and numicon to help us with this task. I think we’ve mastered this now and have began to explore fact families within addition and subtraction. That is what the homework will be on this week.

In topic, we have spent another week on Science learning all about plants. We have some very EXCITING news…….. one of our runner beans have shown up!!!!!

Lastly, we looked at labeling plants in a fun way this week. Take a look below:


PE is on a Monday and Wednesday.

Coloured reading folders must be returned every Thursday.

Reading books and logs should be signed and returned daily.

Homework is set on a Friday on Showbie and due the following Thursday.

Spellings are available on Showbie and the children will be tested the following Friday.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 26.4.21

In English this week, we have been retelling the story of The Ugly Sharkling. So far, our stories have been amazing and I have loved reading each and every one. These will be finished next week ready for us starting a new text study…how EXCITING!

In Maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction within 5. We also looked at number bonds to 10 using part whole models. Take a look below:

In topic, we have started our Science unit. We are learning all about plants! We had so much fun looking at different garden and wild plants – we’ve even started growing our own runner beans! We hope that by the end of next week they have started to grow.

Last but not least, this week was the final week we were lucky enough to have Miss Mallory. We will miss her dearly and wish her the best of luck on her next teaching placement. Luckily, she is still in our school so we can still see her!


PE is on a Monday and Wednesday.

Parents evening will be taking place on Tuesday 4th May via phone calls.

Coloured book folders should be returned every Thursday.

Reading books and logs should be signed daily and returned to school each day.

Spellings and homework are available on Showbie. Spelling tests take place on a Friday and homework is due on a Thursday.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 19.4.21

Welcome back to our Year 1 blog! Our word of the week this week is ‘house’ and will be one of our spellings this week so please make sure you practise this as much as possible!

In English this week, we wrote some lovely newspaper reports that recounted the event of Norman the shark FINALLY getting some shiny new teeth. Before we retell the story of this next week, we are looking at how to use ‘and’ to write super sentences. We started by looking at how we make two sentences into one. Take a look at our group work below:

In Maths, we focussed on placing numbers to 20 on a marked and unmarked number line. We found this tricky at first but with our top tips, we have gained so much confidence now! Below was the beginning of the week when we had to stand next to the number from a plate number line!

Lastly, in topic this week, we finished our final printing pieces. We have had SO much fun with our printing project and are over the moon with how they have turned out. 


PE takes place on a Monday and a Wednesday.

Homework and spellings will be found on Showbie and are due in for Thursday. 

Spelling test will take place on Friday.

Reading books and logs should be brought into school daily.

Book bag books must be returned on a Thursday.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend in the sunshine and we’ll see you again on Monday!

Miss Newton & Miss Mallory

Week Beginning 12.4.21

Our word of the week was friend. We thought this was such an important word for us to know as we learn a lot about friendships in Year 1. Please continue to practise reading, writing and spelling this at home.

In Literacy, we started a new story called ‘The Ugly Sharkling.’ We looked at a newspaper report that focused on how the shark got his own teeth. We have been looking at nouns and adjectives using this story. We are finding this tricky but are starting to get there! Keep up the hard work Year 1!

In Maths, we have been focusing on numbers up to 20 by ordering and comparing them. I think we are fully confident with our comparison signs now and are using these well all by ourselves! Take a look at our number hunt pictures below when ordering numbers to 20.

In Art, we have had so much fun learning all about printing. After learning about two printing artists, we experimenting with different printing techniques and even made our own printing block from plasticine! We can’t wait to plan and make our own final printing piece next week.


Spellings and homework are available on Showbie and should be completed by next Thursday.

Reading books, logs and folders should be brought in on a daily basis and signed. The coloured folder books will be changed on a Thursday so it is really important that they are returned ready for a new book on the Friday.

PE is on a Monday and a Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Newton & Miss Mallory

Week Beginning 22.3.21

This week we celebrated World Maths Day by taking part in Maths at the movies. It was SO much fun! Our movie was Despicable Me 2 and we completed lots of Maths activities linked to this. We made cakes and completed lots of counting forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

Week Beginning 15.3.21

Our word of the week this week was the word ‘there.’ We have practised reading, writing and spelling this word multiple times. Please keep practising this at home to make sure it sticks!

We had some AMAZING news this week when we found out THREE of our Year 1 friends had won the Young Writer’s Competition. Their work will be published in a book – I am beyond proud!

In phonics this week we have been playing fun games to recap our sounds and practise our blending skills. In these pictures, we were playing a loop game where we had to read the word and match it to the correct picture. It was so much fun.

Lastly, we had the BEST time on our teddy bear picnic. It was so exciting to make teddy bear pancakes and banana milkshakes. We had a lovely time trying these, singing bear songs and listening to bear stories.


Reading books must be read on a daily basis and signed if possible.

Spellings and homework can be found on Showbie and should be completed for the following Friday.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 8.3.21

WELCOME BACK! What a fantastic first week back we’ve all had! We have had so much fun and it was lovely to see everyone smiling together again.

Our word of the week is ‘here.’ Please try to practise reading and writing this word to make sure it sticks.

In Maths, we’ve been playing some fun games linked to numbers to 50. In the example below, we had to work our way round a maze to get from one to fifty.

We were all so excited to get back to practising our phonics too and we did this in a new way. We had to crack the codes to reveal the sounds. Once we had this, we could blend them together to reveal the secret words.

On the afternoon we had a special job to do. We had to go out into our Secret Garden and tidy up – we loved spending time here and can’t wait to go back in.

Lastly, we spent time thinking about how we can be extra kind to one another. We discussed different ways that we could be kind and created an ‘acts of kindness’ jar where we will pull out acts of kindness and complete them as a class.


From Friday, homework and spellings will be available on Showbie and will be due the following Friday.

Our PE has now changed to a Monday and a Wednesday.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 1.3.21

A huge WELL DONE for completing all of the online home learning. You have done an excellent job and should be so proud of yourselves.

I am so excited to see all of your happy faces on Monday ready to continue our learning journey at school.

Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you all soon.

Miss Newton

We had a fabulous World Book Day at school – I hope you all did at home too!

Week Beginning 22.2.21

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely and safe half term break.

Well done for all of the fabulous work produced this week. You can see examples of these in the video below and our common exception word of the week.

Keep up the hard work!

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 8.2.21

Here are all of our common exception words from this term. Make sure you keep practising how to read and spell these words each week.

Please enjoy the above video showing our excellent learning this week.

Thank you all for your hard work at home. I am so proud of you Year 1! Have a fantastic, safe and well-earned week off.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 1.2.21

Hello Year 1!

I hope you all enjoyed another excellent week of home learning and the video of our Screen Free Wednesday.

In Maths, we’ve continued to work hard learning and representing numbers to 50. You are all doing so well and are getting so creative with representing these numbers at home.

In English, we began a new story from Pie Corbett – Bob the Bubble. We’ve explored the vocabulary in the story, read a poem linked to the story and made our own bubble pictures!

In Topic, we have looked at new collage artists ready for our final piece next week and have completed more of our RE unit.

Please keep up the brilliant work. You are all doing so well and we love to see your work, pictures and videos coming in.

I’ve attached our parent guide below that is also available on the class discussion page on Showbie to support Maths teaching and learning at home.

Keep up your hard work and we miss you all!

Miss Newton & Miss Mallory

Week Beginning 25.1.21

Please enjoy the video above of our home learning this week. You have all worked so hard and we are so proud of you all.

Well done and keep up the hard work everyone (parents, carers and children)!

Miss Newton & Miss Mallory.

Week Beginning 18.1.21

Love is our word of the week. Please make sure you practise reading, writing and spelling this every single day!

This Saturday is National Handwriting Day! To celebrate this, we are going to have a competition in Year 1. Keep your eyes peeled next week in the class discussion to see what it is!

Thank you all for your amazing work this week. Please keep this up!

Miss Newton & Miss Mallory

Week Beginning 11.1.21

Hello Year 1!

Well done and thank you for completing another week of home learning. You are all doing a brilliant job. I love the pictures, videos and work you are submitting and you all should be very proud of this. Please take a look at the video above of the fabulous kites and designs you have submitted this week!

You have worked really hard in Maths this week with addition to 20 using a range of methods and becoming increasingly confident each time.

I’ve had many of you let us know how much you’re enjoying our phonics lessons. We love to hear this and that you are practising your phonics daily.

Next week in writing we are going to try using Oak National Academy for our work. This will still be uploaded to Showbie so please don’t worry!

Thank you again for your fabulous efforts this week – keep it up!

Miss Newton & Miss Mallory

This week we have worked really hard when trying to use Showbie to complete our work. We know how strange this is but you are all doing such a good job! Thank you for your continued support with this – we love to see your fabulous work!

In between working on Showbie, we have been using our weather station to role play. They have loved using this to tell us the weather across the UK.

If you need anything please contact me through Showbie or give me a call at school. Again, well done for all of your hard work online!

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 23.11.20

In Maths this week the children have worked super hard on their comparison skills. We applied our knowledge of addition and subtraction when using comparison signs and are starting to use these well independently.

In Literacy, we looked at instructions and the features used within. We learned all about imperative verbs and commands and used these well.

We had another surprise from Spidergirl who sent us a box full of AMAZING capes. We used our designs to make them super special ready to send back to her. We hope she loves them.

We had such a lovely day on Friday making Christmas baubles and getting into the festive spirit. See a sneak peak of these below:


Reading books and logs to be signed and brought back every day.

Colourful reading folders to be returned on Thursday.

Spelling test on a Friday.

SHOWBIE is where the children can access homework and spelling lists.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 16.11.20

Our Maths fundraiser movie night hampers finally arrived and I am so happy to say Olivia won one in our class! Congratulations!

In Maths this week, we have worked really hard on improving our knowledge of fact families. We will continue to practise this when we move forward with subtraction next week. I have to add that the children impressed me so much this week with their neat presentation in their Maths books – totally amazing!

In Literacy, the children have worked super hard to finish their narratives. I am so proud of how hard the children have worked to include capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and adjectives. I loved reading every single one of them!

In topic, we heard from someone super special – SPIDERGIRL!!!! She left us a video to watch, which was attached to Miss Newton’s board with an ACTUAL WEB! The video included lots of mini tasks for us to do. This includes us designing and making capes. We can’t wait to do this next week!

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 9.11.20

Our word of the week is has. Please practise writing, spelling and using this word in sentences this week.

In Literacy, Year 1 have started to write their beginnings to their narratives. Although they aren’t finished, I must say they are totally AMAZING. You can see how well the children are starting to form great ideas and put it into their writing using the features that they need to. Before we wrote these, we needed to plan them. Have a look at one of our plans below.

In Maths, we have started to work on our subtraction skills within ten. We can now recognise the minus and equals sign and how to use these to represent a calculation. Though we’ve found this tricky, we have worked really hard to develop these skills.

I was so proud of all of the Year 1 children during Remembrance day. Not one child spoke during the two minutes silence and they worked really hard to complete some fabulous prints of poppies in a field. They were fascinated to discover what evacuee children took with them in their suitcases and even designed some of their own. Take a look below.

A HUGE thank you to parents/carers for reminding children to bring in their new book folders. I hope the children are enjoying them at home as much as they enjoy doing these at school.


Homework is due in on a Friday.

Spelling test takes place on a Friday.

Reading books and logs should be signed and brought into school on a daily basis.

Reading folders should be kept at home until Thursday. The weekly grid should be followed and completed before return.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 2.11.20

Welcome back! I hope you all had a brilliant week off and a great time celebrating Halloween at home.

THANK YOU all for your generous donations for the Maths fundraiser. I am overwhelmed with how well we have all done in Year 1 and I am so proud of you all!

The children have worked their socks off this week during our new topic ‘Superheroes.’ We have had so much fun exploring the story ‘Supertato’ in Literacy. During this time, we have written excellent wanted posters to find the evil pea in school that escaped. Once these were complete, we took them around school so everyone knew who to look out for!

We have also had lots of fun with our new phonics timetable at school. After our phonics lessons, which we all love, we now take part in guided reading. These are the book folders that were handed out on Friday. They MUST be returned on Thursday next week.

In Maths we have been focussing on our addition skills by adding on more and writing out all of the fact families. The children also did really well during their Maths competition today and I can’t wait to see who the winner will be!


Spelling test will take place next Friday.

Homework is due in next Friday.

Home read books should be read every night and signed before bringing into school the next day.

Book folders need to be looked after and read every night following the timetable.

Any questions, please let me know.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 19.10.20

We have had another fabulous week in Year 1 and there was no better way to end an excellent half term than a super fun Halloween Party day. Take a look at the pictures below from our day:

Week Beginning 12.10.20

I am so impressed with how well the children in Year 1 have practised and remembered our common exception words this term. I have attached a picture below of all of the common exception words that we have practised so far so they can be revisited at home.

In Maths this week the children have worked really hard and had so much fun exploring different ways that we can represent numbers to 10. I have attached some pictures below of our work this week.

All I can say about our Literacy work this week is WOW!!! The children have all applied their phonics knowledge to their writing well and have produced some excellent recounts. I have had to send so many children to different adults to show off their fabulous work. When these are finished I will take pictures of a couple and post them on the blog on Friday.

In topic we have been looking at self portraits. More specifically, Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait. We began by analysing the different line shapes and thicknesses and then tried them out four ourselves. We also had a go at cross-hatching using a range of different mediums. Next week, we are aiming to draw our own self-portraits and these will be posted on Friday so make sure you check back to have a look!


Reading books must be read and signed every night to bring back to school every day.

Spelling tests are on a Friday. Please practise spelling these with your child at home.

Common exception word grids are to be practised every night for five minutes.

On Friday, we are to come into school dressed up for Halloween and we are all so excited for this! Remember that no props are to be brought in with outfits.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 5.10.20

Next week we will be focussing on the tricky word ‘do.’ Please practise this with your child as much as possible.

We had so much fun on Monday taking part in a bear hunt in the hall. We used repetitive phrases as we went through all of the obstacles like the story and loved every second of it! We are now focussing on the skills we need to write a recount of this event.

Today was Hello Yellow day in support of World Mental Health Day. Thank you all for your kind donations. Today, we relaxed with some art therapy then took part in PE to keep our bodies and minds active.


Homework is due on a Friday.

Spelling test takes place on a Friday.

Reading books should be read every night and brought to school every day.

Have a fabulous weekend Year 1!

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 28.9.20

Next week, we will all be focussing on the tricky word ‘no.’ Please practise reading, writing and spelling the word no with your child at home.

I must start this blog post by saying a huge WELL DONE to Year 1 this week for their efforts in bringing their reading book and log in on a daily basis and for so many of us reading every single night!

In English this week, some of us have written the story of Peace at Last and what brilliant efforts all of the children have put into this. Some of us have worked on using finger spaces and capital letters and are starting to remember how to us these skills independently.

Our focus in Maths this week was 2D and 3D shape. We all did really well remembering and comparing 2D shapes. We struggled a little with 3D shapes so our homework this week will focus on this. This homework has been sent out and will be due in by Friday 9th October.

In History, we have been looking at schools in Victorian times and how they differ to schools now. Take a look at some of our work below:


Homework is due next Friday.

Spelling test is due next Friday.

Reading books and logs are to be read on a daily basis and brought into school the following day.

Have a lovely weekend Year 1!

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 21.9.20

This week, we have started to look more closely at toys in history. To do this, we had to learn specific vocabulary to help us when ordering and sorting toys. Then we completed these tasks – we did such a good job and had so much fun!

In Literacy, we have been working really hard when applying our sounds in phonics to our writing. Some of us spent some time today making a collective story map of ‘Peace at Last’ and I was so impressed with all of the children’s ideas! We will use this to retell the story in our books next week.

In Maths, we have focussed on counting one more and one less than a given number to 10. The children were very good at this so we moved on to crocodile comparison signs. Imagining the signs as crocodiles really helped our understanding of which number had a greater, fewer or equal amounts.


Reading books and reading logs must be brought to school every day. Please ensure they are signed.

Homework is due on Friday.

Spelling test will take place on Friday.

Week Beginning 14.9.20

Wow! What a lovely week we’ve had in Year 1. In Science, we have looked at grouping animals into 5 different categories: mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds. After this, we looked at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We all got our own animal fact card and had to sort them as a whole class into a venn diagram. Take a look at this below:

In Literacy, we have been looking at applying our phonics to words, phrases and sentences. We have had a specific focus on capital letters and finger spaces and are beginning to remember them in our writing.

In Maths, we have been exploring addition to ten and number bonds to ten by using tens frames, concrete resources and part whole models. The children have worked really hard to grasp each concept – keep it up!


Our common exception word of the week is: go. Please make sure your child is reading and writing this word, as well as the others on the grid that was sent home, on a daily basis.

Reading books need to be read and signed every night at home and brought to school the next day to be changed and read with an adult.

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 7.9.20

I am so impressed with how well Year 1 are settling in after such a busy week!

In Literacy, we used our phonics knowledge to write a short recount from an episode of Bluey that we watched. The children found this hilarious and enjoyed writing about the characters as much as I loved reading them!

We focussed on ordering to 20 this week in Maths in a range of ways. Our favourite had to be ordering them using chalk outside in the sunshine!

In topic, we looked at the human body. We sang along to head, shoulders, knees and toes and it got faster every time so we were very tired by the end of the day! We also tested our 5 senses and enjoyed describing different smells such as skittles and flowers.


PE is on a Monday and a Friday. Please wear your PE kit to school on these days

Reading books have been sent home. Please read every night and bring them back to school each day.

Common exception words have been sent home. Please practise reading these each night.

Week Beginning 31.8.20

Welcome back to school to everybody in Year 1! We hope you all had a fantastic summer break and are ready for all of the fun learning that will happen this year.

The children have settled really well and are loving their happy monsters that we use in class after reading The Colour Monster. We are also getting really good at our ninja moves (ask to see them) to help us know when to be nice and quiet.

PE this year will be on a Monday and Friday afternoon and the children are to wear their PE kit to school on these days.

Each child has a reading book and reading log that goes home with them every night and back to school the following day. Please sign these reading logs when reading with your child. These will be kept on Friday and a new book will be issued the following Monday.

We all can’t wait for the exciting year ahead – keep up the good work so far Year 1!

Week Beginning 13.7.20

Good morning everyone! It is our last week before the 6 weeks holidays and then you will be going into year 2!

Have any of you participated in any sports day activities?


This weeks theme is telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. Below are the worksheet you will need to complete the work on the BBC Home Learning.

English – Please continue to use the websites which you have enjoyed the most using any of the links from previous weeks.

Below are some links to activities you can complete at your leisure. There are many ideas for various subjects and areas of learning.

Learning Through Landscape is a website with lots of lovely, free outdoor learning activities.

Another website called The School Run has a post with ideas for completing forest school activities at home.

The RSPB has some lovely family outdoor based activity ideas.

The Woodland Trust have some simple outdoor nature activity ideas for those who are self-isolating. Even if you aren’t, these ideas can be enjoyed by all.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I hope the weather treats us with lots of sun and warmth.

Miss Croucher x

Week Beginning 6.7.20

Good morning everyone! Here’s to a new week. Let’s hope that the weather gets a little better as we are so close to the 6 weeks holiday!

Grown-ups, keep an eye on the schools Facebook page as there is an exciting video going live today. We would love it if you could all take part, even as a family if you wish.

Maths – Below are the worksheets you will need to work alongside the video on BBC. This weeks focus is half and quarters. We did this in class just before lockdown so hopefully the children will remember bits of the learning. This can be made quite practical if that suits you. To half a quantity you could use objects or toys around the house and share them between 2 people or even 2 teddies or toys. To quarter, do the same but share between 4. If you have any paper or card you could use this to cut shapes and fold them in half and the quarters. Some simple shapes cannot be quartered – I wonder if the children can remember which ones.

English – Please continue to use either BBC, Twinkl or The Oak National Academy for lessons.

Please continue with reading and spelling using the previous links and ideas.

Stay safe everyone! Enjoy your week.

Art Competition!

Please see the images below for information. I would love it for you all to take part and enter the competition. Those of you who are in school will be doing it whilst you are here. I can not wait to see your entries!

Week Beginning 29.06.20

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed chatting to some of your grown up last week! It was great to hear how you are getting on and hear what work you have been getting up to.  I have also really enjoyed seeing some of you back at school!

Maths – Here are the downloads you will need for this weeks maths lessons on BBC. The theme is money! This weeks theme is a lovely one to be doing at home as hopefully you will all have the equipment that will help with the learning. Using real money (where possible) will be really useful!



English – Please continue to use the website which you have enjoyed using most or you could try a different website to change it up for your English lessons this week. 


Reading – When chatting to some of your grown ups this week I mentioned the Oxford Owl website. You do need to register for an account to access the books but this is free then you have access to so many books at all different levels!


Spellings – Continue to work through the spelling I have previously signposted you to. You could also practice some spellings from new words you discover if you begin to access the books of the Oxford Owl website! Trying to learn any spellings will be very useful. 


Handwriting – Any practise is brilliant, especially whilst you are not at school. You could practise the letters you find really tricky in alternative ways. If you have any, you could use chalk and write some big letters on the pavement (Grown ups, I did see a pack of 12 chunky chalks in Asda for £1 if you wanted to get some), if you go to the beach at all you can write letters really big in the sand using your fingers or a stick. I wonder if you could make some of the letters by making shapes with your body. 


I will be posting an exciting competition shortly, so keep your eyes peeled! Stay safe, be sensible and work hard everyone!


Week Beginning 22.06.20

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

Here are the maths resources you will need for this weeks learning on BBC Home Learning 



English – Please continue to use the daily lesson either on BBCThe Oak National Trust or Twinkl 


Enjoy your week!

Week Beginning 15.6.20

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your time at home with your families, we miss you so much! Here are some jobs to keep you busy.

Maths – This week the focus in maths is grouping. We did start looking at grouping as a class and some of you did really well. It is a little tricky so I thought it would be good to repeat the learning anyway. Below are the downloads you will need when following the lessons on BBC  Home Learning Hub. Here is the link again: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zjpqqp3/year-1-and-p2-lessons



English – Please continue to use the websites you have been enjoying whether that is BBC Home Learning daily lessons, Twinkl Home Learning or the lessons on the Oak National Trust.

BBC              Oak National Trust               Twinkl


Spellings – You can continue to work through the common exception and high frequency words for spellings or use new words learnt from books for your spellings too. 


Reading – Please continue to use Oxford Owl for reading. There are also read along or read aloud stories on YouTube that you could use. 


Stay safe everyone and enjoy your week!


Week Beginning 08.06.20

Maths – This week the focus is counting in multiples of 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We used to do this regularly in maths to warm our brains up. You could use some concrete items to support counting such as pairs of socks or shoes for counting in 2’s and your fingers and toes for counting in 5’s and 10’s.  Below are the resources you will need.


English – Please continue to complete the daily lessons on the previous links I have provided. Continue to use what you have enjoyed the most.



Did any of you create a story map for the story Lost and Found? If you did, I challenge you to use it to write a short story following your story map to remind you of the sequence of the story.


Continue to work hard and stay safe!

Week Beginning 1.6.20

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed your half term and the lovely weather. Happy June everyone.


Maths – For maths this week the focus is mass, capacity and volume. The children have looked at mass with me in class and had a go at using electric scales but we have not looked at capacity and volume.

Below are the downloadable worksheets and answers. And here is the link to access the lessons: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zjpqqp3/year-1-and-p2-lessons/1



English – Please continue to complete the English lessons on the above link.

The week before half term I challenged you to create an action re-tell to go with the story, ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. I would like you to use your action re-tell to create a story map like we do in class. Remember how we draw a picture for each part of the story to help remind us what happens next. Here are some examples to inspire you.

Please continue to use any of the other links or activities I have shared in previous weeks including handwriting practise and spellings. 

I hope to see you all soon!


Week Beginning 18.5.20

Hello everybody! I hope you had a lovely weekend even though the weather wasn’t as bright and sunny as it has been.

English – I would like you to continue using the daily lessons on BBC Bitesize and complete any work in your workbooks. I also have a little challenge for you this week. I want you to listen to the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers on YouTube. If you have the book at home, you could read along too!

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRAAQ8EWzig&list=PLQtINCwQ9HcTto838yX25u1oHQZw5HtQP&index=6

I would like you to listen to the story once and enjoy it, then I want to you try and create an action retell to go with the story, just like we do in class. You will have to practise the steps lots of times to remember it. You could ask your sibling to join in with you and help you too. You could ask your grown-ups to join in with you or you could perform it for them. I would love it if you could ask someone to record you doing the complete action retell and then send it to the school email for me to see.


Maths – Below are the documents you will need to complete the maths lesson on BBC Bitesize. This week the focus is measurement.


I know I have mentioned in a previous week about the Twinkl Home Learning Hub but I just want to signpost you to it again. It has a daily schedule with some live activities that you could complete. It has art and craft activities, cooking recipes, mindfulness activities, colouring in sheets (to be printed), outdoor learning activities and physical activities. It even has a schedule on over the weekend so if you’re struggling to keep your little ones entertained, take a look https://www.twinkl.co.uk/home-learning-hub


Just for fun – IKEA have shared some plans for some fort building at home. If you would like to build one of these forts you must ask grown-ups first and understand if they say you can’t. You will need your grown-up to help you too. If you do build something you could watch a movie or read a book from inside your fort. I would love to see some photos if you do build one!


Please see the letter below regarding an update on a potential reopening of school for your year group.

Week Beginning 11.05.20

Welcome to a new week everyone! I hope you enjoyed a long weekend celebrating VE day. Did anyone have a tea party with their families?



Please use the above link to access the learning on BBC Bitesize.


Maths – The focus this week is number bonds again however this week it includes subtraction. Once again, the use of concrete objects will really support the children when they are completing the worksheets.  

Once again, please continue to use the YouTube links I have previously posted looking at doubles, and number bonds to 10 so the children are able to quickly recall all of the facts. Another video that the children really enjoy looks at the odd and even numbers. Here is the link (the song will be stuck in your head all day, sorry!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fK6b9Zxte24


English – Please continue to work through the daily lessons posted on the BBC Bitesize home learning hub (link above). They start with a phonics focus which the children then go on to use in the various activities. The activities often have an active aspect too which makes it more engaging for the children.

You can continue to use the images I posted last week to write a setting description or use them this week if you didn’t last week. If you did use them last week, I wonder if you could go back and add some more detail to your sentences. Can you add in any descriptive words to your work? Can you spot anything different in the picture that you didn’t last week?

You can continue to work on handwriting too, here is the image of the letter formation again just for ease.


Spellings – You can continue working on the common exception words I posted last week. You can also look at high frequency words for spelling and pick out the ones that your children do not know how to spell. Some of these words do not follow the phonics rules, we call them red words, so the children will have to just remember them.


STEM – I saw a lovely activity where you are to build a castle out of sticks. You will need some string or elastic bands too and some help from a grown up. I wonder if you can name the 2D and 3D shapes that you create and tell your grown-ups some of their properties. How many sides does it have? How many corners? Here are the pictures for inspiration. Please be patient, it will be a little tricky but it should be lots fun too.


Nissan PPE Equipment – Nissan are currently making PPE equipment for NHS staff and key workers. This could be things like visors which protect peoples faces or aprons which protect your clothes and bodies. They have asked local school children to get involved by designing a rainbow image that can be added on to the equipment to help put a smile on the key workers faces when they wear them.  

If you would like to take part, please produce a rainbow design and email it to new.penshaw@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk. Please include your first name, your age and school at the bottom of your design. Be as creative as you like!


Continue to work hard, be happy and stay safe! 


Week beginning 4.5.2020

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed the videos we posted on Facebook of you all completing some learning at home. I loved watching them and seeing you all working hard and staying safe and happy.

Maths – BBC Bitesize are posting daily lessons and this week’s maths topic is number bonds to 20. In the previous weeks BBC Bitesize have linked you to White Rose Hub to download the worksheets but this will no longer be the case. I will be attaching the worksheets on here going forward (these do not need to be printed).

When completing the tasks for this week, concrete objects will really help, use anything you have available; dried pasta (if you can get your hands on it in the shops), pencils, pens, building blocks, dolls, teddies.

Please feel free to continue using the other links I have previously posted if you are enjoying them.


English – Please use the daily lessons on BBC Bitesize. The lessons are great! Remember when writing sentences, they need to start with a capital letter, have finger spaces between your words and end with a full stop. You could even experiment with using exclamation marks. You use them to show excitement or surprise or other strong emotions.

BBC Bitesize link – https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zjpqqp3/year-1-and-p2-lessons/1

You could also practise writing a setting description just like we touched on in class. Here are some gorgeous, detailed images which should inspire you to think creatively.

Image 1 – Where could this be? What is that pyramid looking thing in the distance? Why does it look like it is glowing? Is that a storm in the distance coming from a dark cloud? What sounds might the river be making as it flows into the distance? Can you describe the trees and the flowers? What colours and shapes are they? Are they long and tall?

Image 2 – I want you to pretend you are talking a walk along this river. What colours do you see? Where is the light coming from? Can you see any trees and plants? What colours are they, what shapes are they, do they have a smell? What noises can you hear? When you look up, what do you see in the sky?

Try to add detail to your work like we were practising together in school. Can you remember some of the exciting words you learnt? Merry, joyful, miserable, overjoyed, unhappy, down, delighted, cheerful, jolly. We learnt lots of new words by finding them in the stories we read. If you discover a new and exciting word you could write it down in your exercise books and try and use it in your own work.


Continue to use Oxford Owl to do some reading if your grown-ups have registered, there are so many books on there! Grown-ups, you could choose some words from the books to do some spellings. Alternatively, you can work through the year 1 common exceptions words for spelling.


Twinkl have a Home Learning Hub where they have a variety of lessons and activities to complete including some live lessons and book reading.



Science – STEM Learning have released some of their resources for you to access at home. You can look through the website if you wish (https://www.stem.org.uk/home-learning/primary) however, the following activities are very simple and might be nice to complete as a family and you can do it in the garden if you have one or you could do it if you go on a walk.  Even better if the sun is shining! 

Click the link to preview or download the spotter sheets to help you identify common invertebrates or you might know them better as ‘minibeasts’. If you see one, you could write it down in your exercise book and you could even try and draw it. Remember though, it is best to leave them alone, do not touch them and just look with your eyes. The photographs are of various ‘minibeasts’ including different species of bees, butterflies, dragon flies, moths, shield bugs, snails and spiders.


Click the link to preview or downloads the spotter sheets to help you identify birds. The sheets contain different species and types of birds and birds found in different habitats so some might be more suitable than others. The sheets include birds of prey, crows and blackbirds, finches, garden birds and geese and swans.



Week Beginning – 27.04.2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!

English – This weeks story focus is Zog. If you do not have the book at home,  here is a link to listen and read along to the story on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZqFqI0MAfU

Wednesday’s activity reminds me of when you all pretended you were one of the T’s from Tyrannosaurs Drip and you wrote a postcard to your dinosaur friends telling them about what you saw on your trip down the waterfall. Do you remember? For Thursday’s activity you can use the skills you have learnt about writing a setting description. You could talk about your 5 senses – touch, taste, smell, hear, see. You have arrived at your chosen destination. What do you hear? What sort of things can you smell? What can you feel under your feet, or with your hands? What can you see, is it colourful? What is in the sky, what is on the floor, is there anyone else there with you? What might you taste, is there something in the air or are you eating something? Use your imaginations!

Maths – https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/

There are lots of activities to work through on this link which focuses on areas of the curriculum. You can follow the programme week by week or work back through the previous weeks. There are also activities which were designed for ‘Easter Fun’ but can still be viewed. They are practical with a maths theme that can be enjoyed together. 

Please continue to read and enjoy stories together. Any sort of reading is great but you can re-read books you already have access to at home or listen and read along with stories on YouTube. Oxford Owl is a great website which has so many free eBooks in their online library. You are required to create a parent log-in but it is really quick and easy to do and it is free. You get instant access to the website and can browse their eBook Library by age or ability. You could read to the children, support them to read the stories themselves or take it in turns reading a page each. There are also phonics and maths activities on their website which you could work through – https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/

Please continue to use any of the other website I have signposted you to in previous posts on here and do what is working best for you as a family. 

Stay safe everyone. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you again soon!


Week Beginning 20.04.20

Additional English activities – In addition to the online lessons I posted earlier (see below), here are some more activities you may like to try. Each week I will post a new activity image based on a new book. This week’s book is ‘The Gruffalo’ which I know you all know well. If you do not have this book at home, here is a link to listen to it on YouTube –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8sUPpPc8Ws


Week Beginning 20.04.2020

Hello everyone, I hope you had fun during the Easter with your family but I hope you didn’t eat too much chocolate like I did. 

Our school Facebook page is active and we posted a video to show you how much we miss you. If you haven’t seen it, ask your grown ups if they can show you; https://www.facebook.com/610986869270840/videos/1338498239693187/


Oak National Academy – This website is delivering interactive lessons for all subjects. They are designed to be accessed easily at home with your grown up. You only need very simple resources which you were sent home with. This week in the Foundation section there are some Geography and Art lessons. https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-1/#subjects

The English lessons include a phonics warm up, spellings, interactive lesson input (video) and activities. Today’s lesson is looking at the story, ‘Sam’s Sandwich’ and the activities are related to writing instructions which you have all done once before with Mrs Butterfield. 

The format is very similar in Maths. There is a little quiz to get your maths brains warmed up, an interactive video lesson and some activities to complete. 


BBC Bitesize  – BBC Bitesize has launched a great webiste today. Each weekday you will be able to watch BBC Bitesize Daily on BBC iPlayer, computer, tablets or even mobile phones. It includes 20 minute lessons brought to you by experts, teachers and some familiar faces.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zjpqqp3/year-1-lessons/1

There are some lovely animated stories on BBC Teach which you could enjoy as a family and many other video lessons that can be viewed and enjoyed.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ks1-english/z67ncqt


AudibleAudible by Amazon which is normally a paid for, subscription based audio book website announced that it was making more than 200 stories for children and young adults available to listen to for free. Again, this is something you could enjoy as a family.  You could even draw pictures of the characters or settings being described in the books. Among the free stories for younger children are Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter, a range of Winnie-The-Pooh stories and The Owl and the Pussy-Cat.   https://stories.audible.com/discovery


Handwriting – Your grown ups can help you decide which letters to focus on this week based on which letters you struggled with most before the Easter holidays. Here is the picture again for you to refer to.

Grown ups, please do not feel that you need to work through everything I have posted on here I just want to make sure you have access to enough to keep you all busy. Feel free to work through them daily or every now and again.

Enjoy some quality time with your family and stay safe.


Week Beginning 30.03.2020

I thought it would be nice to check in with you all. I hope you are all staying inside, enjoying some time with your family and staying safe. Mrs Dover and I miss you all!

Here are some activities for you to try at home to keep you busy and keep your brains growing.

Every morning at 9AM, Monday to Friday, Joe Wicks is delivering 30 minute PE lessons via his YouTube channel. This will be a great way for you to stay active at home and have some fun. Here is the link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ  

Maths – There are home learning lessons available on the White Rose Hub website that you can work through with a grown up.  Here is the link: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-1/ . Don’t forget, you can practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, counting forwards and backwards. Can you remember the number bonds to 10? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-74-_3WSrD0. Can you remember your doubles? What is double 2? Double 4? Remember the video we watch to help us remember? Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jOzhiACB68

English – I would like you to write a detailed character description about these dinosaurs just like we did in class about the characters from ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’. Look closely at the details. What colour are they? Do they have spikes, feathers, scales? Where are the spikes, feathers or scales? Do they have a tail? What do it look like? Do they have a long neck or a short neck? Do they have stripes or spots or zigzags? Where are the spots or stripes of zigzags? Do they have wings, arms, legs? How many?

Handwriting – Practise writing you letters on lined paper. Remember, some letters are really tall and touch the top line, other letters sit on the line and are quite small and some letters go below the line. 

Tall letters that sit on the line – b d h k l t 

Small letters that sit on the line – a c e i m n o r s u v w x

Letter that go under the line – f g j p q y

Design and Technology – Can you remember when we used some recycled materials to decorate the word ‘Recycle’ with Ground Works a few weeks ago? There is a picture of it below. I wonder if you could build a dinosaur structure using recycled materials from around the house. You can use things like egg cartons, milk bottle, pop bottles, cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes. If you have paints at home you could paint your structure. You could even use crisp packets, chocolate wrappers, old magazines to use collage to colour your dinosaur. Or you can use colouring pens to decorate them. Here are some examples to help you.

We normally end our school day with a story so I thought it would be nice for you all to enjoy a story with me from home.


Week Beginning 9.3.2020

This week New Penshaw has been celebrating Science Week. Every class participated in various science activities and year 1 completed multiple activities so they can be awarded the CREST Award. The children thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities and participated with lots of passion. Below are some photographs for you to enjoy. 

To end the week on a high, year 1 were given the opportunity to complete a bone dig! First we watched the video “Dancing Bones” and had fun joining in with the singing and the actions. The children all behaved superbly and each had a turn at being archaeologists. They used brushes to sweep away the sawdust to expose the bones; they were so excited! Some of the bones were real and we discussed the importance of handling the bones with care. Amelia used the word ‘delicate’ to describe the bones! Then we all had a chat about which part of the body the bone belongs to and the children came up with some great hypothesis and managed to explain them. Mrs Dover and I managed to take 109 photographs so here is a small selection for you to have a look through. I’m sure the children will enjoy looking at them again too.

Week Beginning 2.3.2020

In maths this week the children have been introduced to multiplication and division. Although it has been really tricky the class have tried really hard. Well done year 1! The children were given the  opportunity to use concrete objects to group and share out to support in their understanding of multiplication and division. 

This week New Penshaw celebrated World Book Day by enjoying stories as a class. Year 1 looked at the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae and they really did enjoy it! Everyone joined in with an action retell of the story and then all the children drew pictures to represent to 10 parts of the story. Here are some fabulous examples!

Here we are pretending to be Gerald the giraffe with a long neck and showing off some of our amazing dance moves.

Each child was given a potato to decorate at home as a book character and I am so impressed by some of their amazing creations. Thank you to all the parents/carers for supporting your children in doing this. 

Week Beginning 25.02.2020

When the children in year 1 returned to school on Tuesday the classroom had received a bit of a makeover and there had been an intruder!

We spent some time exploring the classroom and trying to figure out what could have happened. We had a little think about why there may have been a dinosaur in our classroom and here are some of our hypothesis.

“The raptors were trying to find a baby dinosaur to eat.”

“They were trying to come and eat us, but they were late because we weren’t here.”

“Maybe there is a baby dinosaur from the egg.”

“I think the door was open, so the egg rolled in and someone thought it was pretend, so someone put it on the table, and it hatched and ran away.”

“Maybe the dinosaur thought the chair was a toy and was playing with it and the chair fell over.”

“Maybe the dinosaur came in to decorate the classroom.”

“The dinosaurs came in to make friends with us.”

“Maybe he has no home.”

The class were then introduced to the story they would be focusing on for the next 3 weeks, Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson. We came up with an action re-tell to help us remember the sequence of the story. 

Here we are performing some of the actions! We had so much fun!


In maths this week we have been looking at measurement. We measured how tall we were in cm on the dinosaur height chart.


Week Beginning – 20.1.2020

In maths this week the children have been learning about money! They have been learning to recognise and identify different coins and notes. They have also visited our shop in the classroom and found out how much 2 items would cost by adding the amount together to find the total. I am sure they will be able to help you with the shopping soon!

Week Beginning – 13.01.2020

Welcome to 2020! Year 1 have settled in very well so far this year and have adapted very well to having a new teacher.

All of our lessons have had a weather theme. In English we have been looking at the book, ‘Mrs Noah’s Pockets’ and the children have wrote their own short story based on the book. To help children remember the story they worked together to create an action for each part of the story.

In maths so far, the children have practiced finding one more and one less than a number and have also developed their knowledge of weight.

The focus for this half term is reading. If you can all read with your children at home and ensure they bring their reading book and reading diary into school every day.

Week Beginning – 06.01.20

When we entered the classroom this week we discovered some mysterious objects on the carpet. There was a boat, a sewing machine and lots of animals. Miss Croucher told us we could not touch anything as we did not know where they had come from and they could have been dangerous! There was also a rainbow, some clouds and raindrops around our door. We worked together and thought about lots of fantastic ideas to explain how the items had got into our classroom. We even worked in groups and did some role play pretending we were the animals.

At the end of the lesson we read a story called ‘Mrs Noah’s Pockets’ where we discovered all the items in the classroom were clues from the story.

We then created an action re-tell to help up remember the steps to the story.

Here we are performing one of our steps from the action re-tell when Mr Noah gathered all the animals.