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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 4 Staff:

Miss Weldon – Teacher

Mrs Wood – Teaching Assistant

Week commencing 20.1.19

This week we have been super busy, from World Religion Day, learning about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons as well as writing our explanation text on ‘How To Be a Viking’. You name it, we’ve done it!

In English, we have worked on developing our skills of writing an explanation text. We have worked hard to develop our relative clauses, fronted adverbials and writing in an impersonal style. Our hard work has certainly paid off as we now have some amazing examples up on our display.

In maths, we have focused on co-ordinated and plotting them correctly on a grid. This has proved challenging for all of us but with some partner talk we developed our understanding fully. Well done to us!

In topic, we were thrilled to find that it was time to put our amazing artistic skills to the test. This term, the skill we are focusing on is 3D Modelling and we will be building the skills to create a 3D model of a Viking warrior. We have started to research 3D models and sculptures in our area before manipulating clay. By manipulating the clay, we developed an understanding of how clay can be shaped, how quick it dries and how messy it really is!