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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 4 Staff:

Miss Weldon – Teacher

Mr Arthur – Teaching Assistant 

Week beginning 30.3.20

Hello! Each week I will be updating the class blog with a range of activities linked to different areas of the curriculum. Enjoy!
I hope you are all well, staying safe and working super hard.

Reading – Summarising Sheba
In addition to reading at home, I would like you to focus on your summarising skill this week. This pack contains activities and a powerpoint showing you how to summarise a piece of text with ease. At the end, use the answer page to mark your answers.

Writing – The Coming Storm
In your books, you are going to continue a story from the passage below. In your writing you should include:
– A range of sentence openers
– Relative clauses
– Figurative language
– Conjunctions
(I have linked examples below!)

A lone figure trudged along the road.

The sun was warm, and the figure felt the comforting warmth of the sun’s rays as they shone down from a cobalt sky. It looked like the pleasant scene was about to change drastically as the clouds gathered menacingly above the distant peaks of the mountain range. To be caught in the chaos and carnage of a mighty storm is not a pleasant experience. The lone figure’s trudge became a run; if he didn’t find sanctuary soon who knew what might happen…


Here are some spellings to learn this week! When you follow the link, you will notice there are some games within the folder to help to learn them too!

Maths – White Rose Week 2
I have linked some home learning tasks for you to be getting on with throughout the course of the week. White Rose includes a sequence of lessons which cover a range of concepts as well as learning videos if the children are not familiar with what they are learning.

Remember to log on to TT Rockstars and look out for any tournaments against other years groups too!

Topic – Human teeth (via Purple Mash)
Create a colourful, exciting leaflet for children waiting in a dentists waiting room. This leaflet will need to include facts about different types of teeth, why we need to brush them and how often. You could include images in your leaflet too!
I have attached the link to Purple Mash. Once you have logged in, you will have a notification of a leaflet template in the top left hand corner. I can’t wait to see what you produce!

PE – Joe Wicks PE lesson

This week, Miss Newton introduced me to drawing tutorials on YouTube and I have enjoyed completing them too! Below I have attached some links for you to try at home!

Remember to record everything you’re getting up to at home whether it is in your home school book or beautiful pictures on plain paper. I can’t wait to see it all when you come back!

Stay safe,
Miss Weldon

Week beginning 9.3.20

Happy Science Week! We love science at New Penshaw and have developed our learning throughout the whole week.

A Different Perspective
This week, we have utilised the wonderful outdoors space we have and developed an understanding of perspective. To do this, we completed some pre-visit tasks which helped us to discover how birds, insects and humans see the world differently. During our walk, we used this knowledge to take some photos of our own and paint them using water colours back in the classroom.

Family learning
To add to the excitement, family members and friends have visited our classroom this week to help us develop our games in preparation for the arcade later on in the week. We discussed our planning with them and expectations of how we wanted it to look. We knew the game had to look appealing or people wouldn’t play on it!
As a class, we would like to thank anybody who came to family learning and supported the children to create an arcade game! This also developed our knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mechanics).

Check out the cardboard arcade on our website Group blogs > Eco Warriors

Developing the outdoors
Science learning has enabled us to identify ways of improving our outdoor area, whether it means helping wildlife or creating a more appealing area for children to sit.
On Wednesday, we designed and created a birdfeeder which will hopefully bring more wildlife in to the school grounds. As well as creating a birdfeeder, we have planted herbs such as chives, parsely and mint in our new herb garden which will also act as a sensory garden so we can smell the plants that grow!

Week beginning 2.3.20

This week, we have celebrated World Book Day! At New Penshaw, we love reading so much that we dedicated some of our time throughout the week to reading! Throughout the week, we have taken part in a workshop which developed our knowledge on Shakespeare and ‘The Tempest’ then created a double page spread about the man himself. 

We have also taken part in a word parade and turned a potato in to our favourite characters from a book. What a splendid week indeed! 

As we are a super busy class, we are also really enjoying our topic and developing our scientific knowledge this term. So far, we have carried our a comparative investigation in science where we asked the question ‘Which drink will decay the egg?’ and made predictions based on our knowledge of sugar content and previous knowledge of carbon dioxide in drinks. We left the egg (which acted as a human tooth) for a whole week in orange juice, energy drink, water, milk and cola… you wouldn’t believe the results. 

We are currently in the process of writing our non-chronological reports in science, which is linked to the digestive system and in English, which is linked to human teeth. We can’t wait to show you the work we have produced! Check in next week to take a look at our work…
Times Table Rock Stars MVP of the week – Olivia HN

Week beginning 24.2.20

Hello and welcome back to our blog! We have a new topic called ‘Bottoms, Burps and Bile’ which is all about the digestive system. We can’t wait to develop our knowledge on this topic and we are already interested in our intestines and how they work. 
You can see that we have been working hard in maths this week by finishing the week playing games linked to multiplication and division!
Times Table Rock Stars MVP of the week – Isaac E  

Week beginning 10.2.20

Hello and welcome back to Year 4 class blog. Thank you to parents of the children who came to watch the skipping dance on Thursday afternoon, they really enjoyed showing off their skipping skills to you all!

During the final week of term, the children have not stopped! This week, we have extended the celebration of Charles Dickens’ birthday, where we explored information about the author Philip Pullman and read his book ‘Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp’. We are currently in the process of writing the sequel to the story where an evil villain has found the lamp Aladdin hid many years ago! The children are using amazing vocabulary throughout this process and always trying their best. 

In maths, we are further developing our skills of fractions this week, we have looked at and completed the converting of mixed numbers and improper fractions… how clever are we!

Below are some photographs from our D&T topic lessons this week, we have created our own Viking Longboats from materials. Before creating them, we have planned initial ideas and discussed which materials would be best suited to use.

Times Table Rock Stars MVP of the week – Paige F

Week beginning 3.2.20

Thank you for checking back on to Year 4’s class blog, we’re glad you have popped back to see all of the wonderful activities we have been getting up to this week. 

This week, New Penshaw are taking part in children’s mental health week. So far, we have taken part in fitness activities, mindfulness breaks and have decided to learn a new skill. In Year 4, our new skill is going to be juggling! Look at us go…

In Maths this week, we have developed our knowledge of division. Miss Weldon was blown away by our amazing skills of dividing 3 digit number as well as dividing measurements such as pounds and metres. 

In English, we have started to write our narrative and have enjoyed using the skills we have developed from last week to write interesting, creative stories. In the work that we are producing, we are using relative clauses, fronted adverbials and rich vocabulary! Well done us! 

Times Table Rock Stars MVP of the week – Adele R

Week beginning  27.1.20

Hello and welcome back to Year 4 class blog. Thank you for continuing to support your child with their reading at home and their Times Table practice – the hard work is really paying off!

In maths this week, we have developed our knowledge of Area, what is is and how we measure it. As we have found, this mathematical concept is very important as we use it in our everyday life so we have taken it very seriously! To start, we looked at what area is then build upon this knowledge to measure and compare area in different ways. 

In English, our focus has surrounded building up the skills to write a narrative which have included, personification, subordination and inverted commas. Next week, we will be writing our narrative and Miss Weldon will be posting some super work to the blog… make sure you check back next week!

Finally, topic has continued to focus around 3D Modelling in Art and we are now in the process of creating our models, adding detail and ensuring we have a secure structure which will hold. In the next week, we will also be selecting a paint pallet for our model and evaluate what we have created. 

Times Table Rock Stars MVP of the week – Lacey- Mae G

Week beginning 20.1.20

This week we have been super busy, from World Religion Day, learning about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons as well as writing our explanation text on ‘How To Be a Viking’. You name it, we’ve done it!

In English, we have worked on developing our skills of writing an explanation text. We have worked hard to develop our relative clauses, fronted adverbials and writing in an impersonal style. Our hard work has certainly paid off as we now have some amazing examples up on our display.

In maths, we have focused on co-ordinated and plotting them correctly on a grid. This has proved challenging for all of us but with some partner talk we developed our understanding fully. Well done to us!

In topic, we were thrilled to find that it was time to put our amazing artistic skills to the test. This term, the skill we are focusing on is 3D Modelling and we will be building the skills to create a 3D model of a Viking warrior. We have started to research 3D models and sculptures in our area before manipulating clay. By manipulating the clay, we developed an understanding of how clay can be shaped, how quick it dries and how messy it really is!

Times Table Rock Stars MVP of the week – Olly H