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Welcome to our Year 5 page. Here you will find important information about our Class routines, curriculum and general information. Please scroll down to keep up to date with our class blog.

Our Year 5 Staff:

Mr Hunter – Teacher

Miss Lamb – Student Teacher

Week Beginning: 3rd May 2021

I have been really impressed with some of the learning this week! A great effort from all children so well done! We started the week by looking at the front cover of our new book in English – The Viewer by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan. The children were so intrigued as to what would happen in the book. Across the week, we have been making predictions and focusing on generating vocabulary to write our own openings next week. Be sure to look out for these in next week’s blog.

In maths, we have continued with our learning focusing on key concepts in preparation for moving into Year 6. The children looked at written methods of addition and subtraction and went on to solve problems involving these. Some great progress again, so well done!

In our science learning this week, we have been focusing on healthy eating and looking at what contributes to a balanced diet. We looked at food menus and offered suggestions on how to make these healthier.

Word of the week: occupy


All children should come into school in appropriate PE kits on a Monday and Friday.

Reading books should be in school daily.

Children can now access Reading Plus from home, please ask your child about their log in details.

Week Beginning: 19th April 2021

We’ve had a typically busy week here in Year 5! Lots of hard working children and some lovely work produced.

In maths, we have been continuing with our place value learning and focusing on improving our knowledge of decimals, we were able to partition these and then place on a number line. Towards the end of the week, we were able to round to the nearest whole number and the nearest tenth.

In English, we have continued with our learning based on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. We gathered notes on each of the Hallows before writing a non-chronological report. We then presented the final drafts in a two page format. Check out some of lovely pieces below:

Word of the Week: determined


Reading Plus can now be accessed from home. Children should access this weekly.

PE days are now Monday and Friday – children should come to school in PE kits with their school jumper/cardigan.

All reading books should come to school each day.

Look out for Parent’s Evening appointments coming next week. Parent’s Evening will take place across WB 3.5.21

Week Beginning: 8th March 2021

What a great first week back at school it has been for our Year 5 children! I have been extremely pleased with the levels of maturity and discussions that we have had this week. We started the week with a whole school art project – be sure to check back next week to see the finished outcome!

As well as enjoying a range of mindful activities, the children were able to support with a spot of gardening in our brand new Secret Garden! Check out our hard working gardeners below:


Bikeability will commence next week – ALL BIKES AND HELMETS MUST BE IN SCHOOL MONDAY 15th MARCH

PE is now on Monday and Friday afternoon, please come into school dressed in your PE kit.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Mr Hunter

Week Beginning 1.3.21

What an amazing week we have had! The children in Y5/6 bubble thoroughly enjoyed participating in the activities for Science week. The children looked incredible in their World Book Day costumes yesterday too. Check out some of their learning from this week!

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Week Beginning 22.2.2021

Welcome back from the half term holiday – I hope you enjoyed your time off and had a well earned rest from remote learning. It isn’t long until we will all be back together as a class again. We are all so excited to have everyone back! Take a look at some of the things we have been doing in our Y5/6 bubble this week:

Next week we have an exciting upcoming event. British Science Week!

See the source image

Each day there will be a range of exciting Science activities uploaded onto Showbie, so please save any ‘junk’ or recycling you have to help you make things next week. I can’t wait to see how you all get on! Please make sure you send lots of photos of the work you produce onto Showbie.

See below details about an exciting whole-school competition hosted by our Science lead Miss Weldon:

Week Beginning 8.2.2021

I hope you’ve all had a lovely time playing out in the snow. The children in school have enjoyed building a snowman and an igloo this week. Also for Screen Free Wednesday this week we looked at self-portraits and everyone had a go at sketching their own self-portrait. You can see some of their fabulous pictures below!

Week Beginning 1.2.2021

Hello Year 5! I hope you have enjoyed your screen free day.

For Screen Free Wednesday, this week, the children thought about Children’s Mental Health Week and wrote their own acrostic poems linked to wellbeing and mental health. They also thought about what makes them positive and happy by filling a template with positive words/images to represent who they are. They also looked at the landscape around them and sketched their own drawings of Penshaw Monument, using sketching pencils and pastels to add some colour.

Have a look at some of their fabulous work!

Week Beginning 25.1.2021

Well done to the children who are working at school and remotely from home for another successful week! A huge thank you to parents too for your continued support with the children. On Monday I was really impressed with the handwriting outcomes to celebrate National Handwriting Day. Here are some fantastic examples (It was very difficult to choose!) .

In Maths this week I can see you have all been working incredibly hard with your multiplication skills. Please remember to spend around 10 minutes each day on TT Rockstars to build up your speed. The children who are working in school are slowly building their scores and are making great progress!

The children who are working in Y5/6 bubble have thoroughly enjoyed exercising on a morning before completing their Showbie tasks. Today we learned a new dance!

Reminder: Please ensure you complete reading, writing and maths each day and then topic. Once you have completed those, then access the rest of the extra tasks. If you have missed tasks, please try and catch up with your work if you haven’t already done so. Well done for all of your fantastic efforts Year 5. Keep up the hard work and enjoy your weekend!

22.1.2021 Remote Learning Week 3

We have had another successful week of remote learning! I’m so impressed with the work that has been handed in this week and it is clear that you are all working so hard at home. You are all showing so much independence and resilience towards your learning!

Today, as part of our PHSE topic, the children used their sketching skills to draw a portrait of themselves linked to what makes themselves unique as an individual. Check out some of their incredible sketches!

In Science this week, the children have been learning about life cycles. Check out one of the brilliant outcomes of Wednesday’s lesson:

A huge thank you to parents for your continued support towards your children and to school – the success of their online learning wouldn’t be possible without you. Have a well earned rest this weekend before we begin week 4 of remote learning. Well done Year 5!

15.1.2021 Remote Learning Week 2

Well done to the children for another brilliant week of remote learning! Despite the strange circumstances, it is clear that the children have been working incredibly hard at home as well as the children currently at school. It goes without saying that a lot of this would not be possible without the support from parents during this difficult time – so thank you. I also thank you for your patience as we appreciate how difficult it can be. It is greatly appreciated the level of support parents are offering towards remote learning. All of the children at both home and school have produced some lovely pieces of work this week and it has been a pleasure to keep in touch with the children when using Showbie! Remember if there are any questions linked to the learning that has been set, I am live daily on remote learning and will be able to assist the children when available.

One of the PHSE tasks set for this week was linked with ‘healthy habits’ where the children were given a scenario and they needed to create a poster with tips to promote a healthier lifestyle during lockdown.

The children have also been working hard applying a range of skills in preparation for a setting description linked to the play Macbeth. Take a look at one of our incredible examples from this week:

Keep up the positive attitudes and excellent work Year 5! Enjoy a well deserved rest this weekend and I look forward to the work you all produce next week. Please keep in touch on Showbie with any queries if required!  

Miss Welsh 🙂

W.B. 16.11.2020

The children have had another successful week this week. This week the children have been applying their writing techniques when planning and writing their own five part sci-fi narrative. They did so well! Next week, the children will be working on their editing and re-drafting skills to improve a paragraph from their narrative. In Science, the children have been drawing diagrams of the solar system to represent how the moon orbits the Earth. Next week the children will be using Oreo biscuits to represent phases of the moon. Watch this space!

Word of the week:

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton: Weekly Word: Ancient...

W.B: 9.11.2020

What a busy week we have had this week! On Tuesday, the children tuned in live to a stream from author of the novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’, Ross MacKenzie. The children learned lots of interesting tips and techniques for writing and listened to responses from their questions. They then completed a persuasive speech based on his award-winning novel.

On Wednesday, the children completed a range of activities as part of Remembrance Day. The children paused their learning to complete a two-minute silence after learning about the significance of the poppy. On the afternoon, the children applied their art skills to complete a watercolour painting of poppies. Their results looked so effective!

Today the children came into school in clothes that make them feel happy for Children in Need. This afternoon the children had lots of fun completing yoga and taking part in their favourite outdoor games. A big thank you to parents and carers for your kind donations!

Word of the Week: 

Today's word is Accompany. . Learn a word daily with Word Buzz. . Write  down a sentence with using word Accompany. . #pronounce #eng… | Learn  english, Words, Vocab

2.11.2020 – Welcome back!

The children have returned to school with so much enthusiasm this week after discovering our new exciting topic…To infinity and beyond! The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading our new class Novel Cosmic by Frank Cottrell-Boyce and are continuing to work hard by applying new skills in their writing.

In Science this week the children have learned about the different planets in space by researching facts and retrieving information from videos, information texts and scientific tables before creating their own planet fact file. The children have learned interesting mnemonics to help remember the order of the planets.

The children have raised an incredible amount of money to go towards our Maths fundraising this week. A huge thank you to parents and carers! Today the children worked hard applying their mental multiplication skills to solve tasks to go towards our fundraising event.


What a spooktacular week we have had! Today the children were dressed in some fantastic costumes to celebrate Halloween– many were unrecognisable!

This week the children finished their Greek topic by designing and making their own Tzatziki sauce. They thoroughly enjoyed the tasting part! The children thought carefully about safety and they also evaluated their dish afterwards.

The children are keen to find out their next topic. Watch this space! Well done to Y5 for a fantastic half term. They have worked so hard and have shown so much resilience!

Have a great half term – keep safe year 5!

Week Beginning 12.10.2020

Well done to the children in Year 5 for completing another fantastic week in school. In English this week, the children have been showcasing their amazing skills when writing the beginning of their five part narrative based on our class novel, ‘Who Let the Gods Out’. The children are really proud of their outcomes so far! In Maths the children have been focussing on their place value skills. They did really well at rounding numbers up to 100,000. They used the following rhyme to help them with the rule of rounding – it’s so catchy! Well done to the children continuing to practise and improve their scores on Times Table Rockstars. It’s great to see children using their spare time before and after school. Every little helps and works towards an overall improvement on their fluency and speed!

Our word of the week this week is: 

Identity word – Blog - EssayShark

This will be included in our spelling test. Have a go at applying it in sentences!

I look forward to seeing your spooky outfits next Friday for our Halloween day to mark the end of term!

Week Beginning 21.9.2020 

This week the children have been completing an exciting investigation in Science. After learning about the force of gravity and air resistance, the children planned and carried out a science investigation to test the effects of air resistance on different shaped ‘parachutes’ using cupcake cases. 

Today we are launching a new Times Table Rockstars competition across Key Stage 2. See below the details!

Week Beginning 14.9.2020

What another impressive week we have had in Year 5! This week in History the children learned about the differences between the cities of Athens and Sparta. They put forward their views and compared the differences and similarities. Using their knowledge, they wrote a letter in the viewpoint of a visitor to Athens and Sparta. In English, the children wrote a diary recount of their first day in Athens after watching a video to gather lots of ideas of what life was like during this historic period.

Times Table Rockstars


Next week we are going to be re-launching Times Table Rockstars in KS2. It comes to no surprise to hear that this class were incredibly competitive on learning their times tables and worked super hard while in year 4. Here’s to another year of competitiveness! The children will be given their logins next week and will be encouraged to get back into ‘The Studio’ and play ten times to get their baseline score before they can work on making progress with their scores. Watch this space for the tournament we will be launching in school across KS2!

Week Beginning 7.9.2020

This week the children started their new topic for the term – Ancient Greece! Our topic title is – “Who let the God’s Out?”.

During our topic lessons, the children ordered events onto a timeline while listening to traditional Greek music. They learned about the different types of Government within Ancient Greece and how they differ to our government in the UK. After learning about democracy within Ancient Greece, the children were given roles of Ancient Greek civilians and completed a debate around a number of different topics before voting.

The children completed some brilliant writing tasks this week. They wrote a diary recount of attending their first day at ‘God’s School’ and they also wrote a persuasive letter to Sunderland City Council after being informed Penshaw Monument was going to be demolished.

Watch this space for photos of their learning!

Welcome Back!

Week Beginning 31.09.2020

Welcome back to all our families! It has been a wonderful few days meeting and welcoming the children back after such a long period off school. I am delighted to be part of their Year 5 journey this year. All of the children have been incredibly positive on their return to school and have followed the new rules and routines really well, setting a good example to the younger children on how to stay safe within school.

This week we have been focussing and completing tasks related to our wellbeing and looking at ways on how to build a positive mind-set as well as discussing memories and experiences from the lockdown period.

The children have also developed their sketching skills this week by completing a portrait of themselves with a face mask. The children thought about keywords related to their personality to display on their masks. They did so well and worked hard on improving their skills. Check some of their incredible work below!

The children also completed a handwriting activity where they copied a school pledge poem in their neatest handwriting.

PE days

P.E. lessons in Y5 will take place on a Tuesday and Thursday. Children are to now come into school in their kit on the days they have PE, with jogging bottoms and school jumpers. Please ensure these are not school shoes and are appropriate sport footwear. Can children also ensure that earrings are removed on P.E. days and that long hair is tied back.

Please check the blog each week for updates!

Week Beginning 13.7.20

Can you believe that it is the end of Year 5 already? Not long before you are in Year 6! 

I will attach the work for this week below but check back onto our blog page on Friday to see a video from me to you!

Spellings & Handwriting

Please find attached the statutory spellings for Year 5/6 to test yourselves on – I wonder how many you can get right!


  • Describe the scene. How does the picture make you feel?
  • Do you think the boy knows what lurks beneath the surface?
  • What do you think he can see/hear?
  • What is the crocodile’s character like?
  • What will happen next? Continue the story.
  • If you could jump into the picture, what would you do? Would you help the boy? How?


This week, I have attached some SPaG mats for you all to work through to see how much you remember!


Let’s see how much you remember from Maths this year with our Maths mats!

Lastly, I would like you all to think back on this year. Think about what you have learned from this year and what your goals for next year are. Think about your best memories with your friends, family and in Year 5. 

With these memories, I would like you to write a letter to your future self to read next year as a reminder of the goals you have set yourself and things that have made you happy.

Check back in on Friday for my video!

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 6.7.20

I have thoroughly enjoyed ringing you all this week and finding out what you have all been up to! Also, I would like to say a huge thank you to those who have taken part in our art competition – they are all so unique and I have loved looking through them all. For anybody that would still like to submit, you have until Monday 6th July at 3pm!


Our school will be releasing a Virtual Sports day so keep your eyes peeled for the video on our school Facebook page. I hope as many Year 5 children will take part as possible so we can achieve lots of certificates!

Spellings & Handwriting


Do you all remember when we studied Space at the end of 2019?  This is definitely one of my all time favourite topics! I have attached a reading comprehension based on Space as a throwback activity for you to complete. If this wasn’t your favourite topic, I’ve also attached another reading comprehension for you to have a go at instead.


This week I would like you to complete an important task for me. I would like you to write a letter to yourselves to read this time in 2021. In this letter, I would like you to consider all of the things you have learned and would like to achieve over the next year. However, as you are in Year 5 it is still really important to include our key features:



Brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis

Adverbials for cohesion

Up-levelled vocabulary





In addition to preparing for and recording your virtual sports day videos, I have attached a Science investigation you may find fun to complete!

As always, stay safe and keep on smiling.

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 29.6.20


I can’t wait to see all of your fantastic submissions of artwork come in! Please use your topic time this week to take part in this competition.

Spelling & Handwriting

Please find your weekly spellings/handwriting and an activity to go with.


This week I have attached two interesting reading comprehensions for you to read through and complete.


Please follow the link below for this week’s writing lessons. Follow the lessons underneath the heading ‘balanced argument’ for this week’s tasks.



This week, I have attached three worksheets linked to angles on a straight line and at a point.

Today, I will be ringing everyone in Year 5 and I can’t wait to find out what you’ve all been up to and how you are getting on!

As always, stay safe and keep on smiling.

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 22.6.20

Welcome back to the Year 5 blog. As promised, I have attached a picture of myself reading in my new favourite spot – the garden!

Spellings & Handwriting


In addition to reading at home, I have attached a couple of reading comprehensions that are really interesting. One is focussed on the NHS and the brilliant job they are doing at the moment whilst the other focuses on a man who is very important in history – Martin Luther King.


This week I would like you to focus on sorting direct and indirect speech. I have attached a PowerPoint as a recap and a worksheet for you to complete. If you are looking for more ways to practise this, you could try using your knowledge of The Wright Brothers to make up direct speech and indirect speech with this as a focus.






This week, I would like you to have a go at designing (by sketching) a new bridge. Begin by researching different bridge structures online and decide which you like best and why. Once you have roughly sketched your ideas out, try building your design. This could be with straws, lolly pop sticks, lego, etc… I look forward to seeing your end result!

Stay safe, keep on smiling and making yourselves proud!

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 15.6.20

Welcome back Year 5! I hope that we see more sunshine this week than we did last week. Below is the work I have set for this week. As always, you can share work or ask any questions via email: new.penshaw@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk.


I have missed seeing you all bring in your reading books daily and being so proud of how you read every single day! So, I thought Year 5 could have a little challenge (Miss Newton will join in too). The challenge will be for an adult at home to take a photograph of you reading. This could be as simple as reading in the garden, to a family member or you could take it on your daily exercise with you – the choice is yours. Once you have done this, send them into the email above and I will post mine next week – keep checking back. If you would like your reading picture on the blog, and we have permission from your adult at home, then I will post them next week too!


Home videos:




Spelling & Handwriting:


In addition to your reading challenge this week, I would like you to complete the below activities. I have attached a range of 60 second reads, which are short comprehensions. However, as part of these activities I would like you to focus on how many words you read per 60 seconds. Each time you read the paragraph I would like you to start from the beginning and time yourself. Let’s see if throughout the week if you can improve the pace of your reading whilst still understanding the text and answering the questions as best as you can!


For this week’s writing task, I would like you to read through the PowerPoint attached below and write a paragraph about what The Wright Brothers achieved. In this paragraph, I would like you to include:

Brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis



Adverbials for cohesion


Up levelled vocabulary


I have attached a PowerPoint below for you to work on your DT skills this week. Before anyone creates a new item, they usually sketch it out first. We will be designing a new bridge but as we have had no practise in designing a bridge before, we will first begin by drawing the other half of given bridges. In the PowerPoint I have attached three half bridges where you must draw the other half of the bridge. You can choose to do just one or all three!

I have also attached a time capsule that I thought you may enjoy completing in your spare time. It asks you all about what you have done and who you have spent your time with during these unique times.

I look forward to receiving your reading challenge images and good luck with your work this week.

As always, stay safe and keep on smiling.

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 8.6.20

Welcome back to the Year 5 blog! I hope you all enjoyed the beginning of our new topic last week. As always, you can share work or ask any questions via email: new.penshaw@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Spellings & Handwriting:

Attached below are the spellings I would like you to focus on. Remember to have fun with your spelling practise and try learning and remembering them in different ways! How about a home spelling bingo night?


Did anybody watch the rocket launch last week? I did and it was really cool! I have attached a reading comprehension linked to this rocket launch below. Firstly, read the text and then use the text to help you answer a range of VIPERS style questions.

I have also attached an image of the class novel we would have been using this term. I know how much you have enjoyed exploring new novels this term so I thought it would be good to show you what we would have been reading together. I have this book with me at home so I will look at ways to share parts of the book with you in the following weeks.


The first link below is a PowerPoint I made that includes a task linked to adverbials for cohesion.

I have also included a SPAG test below as I know you enjoyed doing these previously and were really good at them!


Link to home learning videos:





I hope that you completed some research on the man below and found out that his name is Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first telephone! Have you seen pictures of the first ever telephone and how it has evolved over the years? Amazing stuff!

I have attached a PowerPoint that tells you all about famous inventors and their inventions. At the end of the PowerPoint, there are a couple of activities for you to complete in your books.

Next week, we will be focussing on sketching linked to designing a product to match a set of criteria!

As always, stay safe, keep on smiling and make yourselves proud!

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 1.6.20

I hope you all had a lovely week off and made the most of the beautiful sunshine! Also, I wanted to add how much I have enjoyed seeing your work being sent in – it puts a huge smile on my face and makes my day. You can share work or ask any questions via email: new.penshaw@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

This term, we have a new topic…

Within this topic, we will learn about famous inventors before designing and completing our own project. You will find your first task for this topic further down this blog post.

Spellings & Handwriting

Below are your spellings and handwriting sheets. Whilst we have this fabulous weather, you may want to explore different ways in which you can learn your spellings. Some ideas I had was using a paint brush and water to write them on the floor or using chalk.


This is a comprehension about a famous inventor in the Second World War. Once you have read this piece, there are a range of VIPERS questions for you to answer linked to the text. Answers for adults to check your answers are in the same document.


This week I have a very important task for you to complete in your writing. Our theme is ‘Summer Fun.’ Within this theme, I would like you to make a mind map of ideas around this theme for a new product. Think about what you would most like to do when you go outside again for inspiration. The only exception is that this cannot be a video game as it is something you will try to build. My idea was a new theme park that had rides, a beach and a water park all in one! But I’m sure you are all more creative than me.

Once you have decided on a final idea, I would like you to sketch, and then annotate your ideas to help you visualise it.

Now, answer these questions:

Who is the audience of your creation and why?

How much will it cost a customer to buy or use?

How much will you ask an investor for and why?

Why should someone invest in your product?


Video Links:




As I mentioned in the beginning of today’s blog post, we are going to be exploring famous inventors and inventions this term. The first task is linked to the picture below:

Who is this man?

What did he invent?

Why was this invention important?

What benefits has this product had upon the world?

What negatives has this product had upon the world?

Has this invention evolved since the first one was made?

I hope you have lots of fun exploring our new topic ‘Dragon’s Den’ this week and I can’t wait to see the information you find and ideas you have.

Stay safe and keep on smiling!

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 18.5.20

Hi Year 5! I hope you are all keeping safe and are doing well. Remember that if you have any questions or work you would like to show me you can send it to: new.penshaw@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk


The worksheets and answers for this week’s Maths lessons are attached below. The video to support the teaching of these areas are on the White Rose website: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/



Spellings & Handwriting:

As always, I have attached this week’s spellings sheet, which can also be used to practise handwriting. There is also a spelling code cracker for you to have a go at if you are looking for a little more practise.


This week I would like you all to focus on your summarising skills. To help you with this, I have attached a powerpoint as well as a couple of activity sheets for you to complete. The answers are there for an adult to check over when you have completed them.


This week in English we are going to focus on the audience and purpose of different texts. For this task, I have attached a book review template below. I would like you to fill in as many as possible linked to books around your house. When completing these, you need to think about what the audience of this book is, what the genre is, who would be interested and why.

STEM learning:

This week, I have attached a link to a website that provides a variety of Science learning videos as well as active lessons/experiments to complete. They look super fun (especially the reversible change one)! https://www.stem.org.uk/resources/community/collection/14764/year-5-changes-state

Continue to work hard, have fun and keep smiling!

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 11.5.20

Maths –

Chilli Challenge Answers:

  1. 2b = 10 so 1b = 5
  2. 393r1
  3. 36
  4. 629185
  5. 326000, 28000, 8000
  6. 94328


The link above will take you to the Maths videos available for this week. However, there has been a change to the worksheet resources as they are no longer free on their website so I’ve attached the relevant worksheets below.



Reading –

As some of you may know, last Friday was VE day. Your reading comprehension this week is all about VE day! As well as answering the questions, I would like you to find any unfamiliar vocabulary, highlight them and find out their definitions. I would also like you to think of five retrieval questions linked to the text for a friend or family member to answer – remember the answer has to be in the text! Lastly, I would like you to consider why the British were celebrating this event and what evidence you have to support your inference.

Spellings & Handwriting –

I have attached this week’s spellings for you to also use as handwriting practise. This week’s focus is based on adverbials of time.

Literacy –

Task 1 – Now that you have considered Oliver Twist’s view on receiving more food, write another paragraph with reasons as to why Mr Bumble may not be able to fulfil his wishes (refer back to your hot seating notes).

Task 2 – Once you have completed two paragraphs, one from Oliver’s perspective and one from Mr Bumble’s perspective, I would now like you to write a conclusive paragraph to bring together the main facts of your text. Remember to not take sides as this is a discussion piece – you must stay neutral and let the audience decide for themselves.

Task 3 – I would like you to review your writing piece today. Think of two positives and one improvement and focus on correcting any spelling and including all of your success criteria effectively.

Task 4 – Now that you have gone through and edited your work, I would like you to redraft your piece in your neatest handwriting as your final piece.

Task 5 – Change the audience of your piece. If you have written the text aimed at children, now focus on changing the language and features for an older audience, or vice versa.

Topic –

Computing – Check in your 2Dos for this week’s work on Purple Mash ‘Debug Order Game’. It focuses on learning the steps to debugging a game. Remember to save and hand in your work so I can mark it and leave you a comment.

Art – I would like you to draw/ design your own Victorian tile mosaic. Your challenge is to use only 1 shape and 2 colours!

History – Below I have attached an activity linked to the Victorians for you to have a go at! Read through the powerpoint them write a diary entry from the perspective of a Victorian, consider the differences between then and now to help you in writing this.

PE – As well as using The Body Coach, I would like you to think about which skill you would most like to improve on in PE: catching, throwing, defending, attacking, etc… Now, I would like you to focus on developing this skill at home. Set yourself a target and achieve your goal!

EXTRA: Some of you may be aware that Nissan are currently making PPE for NHS staff and key workers. They are asking school children to design a rainbow adding their first name only, age and school and they are going to be added onto the PPE Equipment to help boost them when they receive them at their workplace. If you would like to enter – once you have designed your rainbow (as creatively as possible) have an adult take a photograph and send it to the school. Make sure you have put your first name, age and school on your design too. Good luck!

Reminder: Keep checking on your TT Rockstars account for a battle against me and send in any work you would like me to see to the school email – it puts the biggest smile on my face to see how hard you are all working!

As always, stay safe and keep on smiling you lovely bunch!

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 4.5.20

Wow! I am so impressed and immensely proud of you all for working as hard as you are. I loved seeing your photographs coming in and seeing that you are all doing well. As I was missing you all dearly, I wrote you a short acrostic poem below:


In Literacy this week, I want you to focus on the story of Oliver Twist.

Task 1: Read and/or watch Oliver Twist and complete a hot seating activity with the people that you live with at home. Prepare some questions for the family member that will be acting as one of the characters such as ‘What do you think of Oliver, Mr Bumble?’ Record their responses in your books to help you with the next activity.

Task 2: Oliver Twist thinks that he, and the other orphans, should receive more food. Do you agree? What arguments could Oliver put forward? What arguments could Mr Bumble put forward? Write down your ideas for both characters in your books.

Task 3: Try to write a short paragraph from the view of Oliver Twist, in the form of a discussion text, which puts forward his argument to receive more food. I have attached an adverbials for cohesion sheet to support you with this.

Task 4: Recap the use of semi-colons. To help you with this, I have attached a link for you to follow. Once you have tried some example sentences in your book, go back through your short paragraph from Task 3 and see if you can include semi-colons into your discussion piece.



For reading this week, I have attached a reading comprehension for you to work through. In addition to answering these questions, I would like you to highlight or underline any unfamiliar vocabulary, find out their meanings and write it around the outside. I would also like you to infer how Captain Tom felt when he achieved his hundredth lap, with evidence to back up your view. Lastly, I would like you to write a short summary about this event including the main facts – no more than 20 words. If you’re looking for a challenge, try to reduce it to 10 words!

Spellings & Handwriting:

I have attached the spellings for this week and a word search to complete linked to the spelling focus. Please use your spellings as a way to practise your handwriting. Challenge – can you use these words in a sentence?


As some of you may have already noticed, I have been challenging you to TT Rock Stars battles and have loved seeing some of you respond.

As always, I have attached the link to the White Rose lessons for Year 5 which is brilliant!


In addition to these, if you would like to do a quick test of your knowledge, I have added one of Miss Newton’s Chilli Challenges for you to work through. I know what you’re thinking – Miss Newton is being super sad again! I will post the answers in next week’s blog post but if you would like any checking before then please email us and I’ll get back to you.


Computing – In computing, we are going to focus on creating games through Purple Mash. Your first activity has been set and you will be able to find this under 2Do. The task is named ‘Blank Computer Game Review.’ For this, I would like you to choose a game you have at home and answer the questions on the sheet online. When you’re finished, remember to save and HAND IN. When you do this, it allows me to look at the work you have produced and send you a comment back.

History – Following on with our Victorian topic, I have attached a cut and stick worksheet to create a Victorian timeline. However, if you want to use the information and complete this in a more creative way in your books, I would be more than happy for you to do it that way.

PE – Captain Tom’s birthday challenge. To celebrate Captain Tom’s birthday, I would like you to do 100 of an exercise. This could be 100 star jumps or 100 burpees, whatever you wish. Any videos of you completing this can be sent into our school email address.

Art – For art, I have attached an image below of Victorian floor tiles. As you can see, the patters are quite repetitive. I would like you to answer the questions below linked to the image:

  1. What do you like most about the Victorian floor tiles?
  2. What do you like the least?
  3. What materials have been used to create this?
  4. Can you find another Victorian floor tile that you like better?

If you have any questions at all, or would like to send me some work to see, please send them to: new.penshaw@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

Please know how proud I am of you all.

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 27.4.20

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on winning the TT Rockstars battle against Year 6. This is our first win and I am beyond proud of those that took part. Keep logging into your TT Rockstars account daily to see if I have challenged you and whether or not you can beat me!


In addition to keeping an eye on your TT Rockstars account, please check White Rose for daily maths lessons in Year 5. They supply a video teaching the concept as well as worksheets and answers.



Following on from last weeks focus on brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis I have attached a link to parenthesis based lesson. I have also attached a link to the Oaks Academy free home learning lessons online which are aimed at Year 5 and look brilliant.

Setting Description: SPaG focus – Parenthesis



For your reading tasks this week, we are going to be focussing on retrieval style questions. Please take a look at the worksheets below, read the text and find the answers within it.

Reading Work Sheet 1

Reading Work Sheet 2

Spelling and Handwriting

Please use this weeks spellings (downloadable from the link below) to practise your handwriting and spellings in your home school book.

Spelling and Handwriting Work Sheet 1

Spelling and Handwriting Work Sheet 2


As part of our Victorian topic, I have attached some activities for you to complete below.

Topic Work sheet 1

Topic Work Sheet 2


Mr Arthur and I have been looking at more interesting ways to keep fit at home during this time and have decided to create our own fitness courses. I will be posting our videos of this during the week so check back and take a look. Our challenge for you would be to create your own fitness course and send in any videos of you completing this course to our school email – new.penshaw@inspiremultiacademytrust.co.uk

As always, we miss you lots! Keep checking back in to see our videos and work. Stay safe and keep on smiling.

Miss Newton x

Week Beginning 20.4.20

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays and stayed super safe! The lessons for this week are below to complete in your books. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us an email.

Handwriting –

This week I have included an image of my handwriting practise for you all to have a go at. These are some of the letters we were still finding a little tricky so try your best and aim for beautiful presentation.

Spellings –

 Here are your downloadable worksheets linked to your spellings of the week. It also includes a fun word search for you to use as practise as well as all of the other methods we already use such as mini tests and spellings bingo.

Reading –

This week we will be focussing on creating accurate inferences. Remember, to do this you MUST have evidence in the text to support your answers. For your first task, I have an image below and some questions to accompany the image.

  • How is the girl feeling? How do you know?
  • Why is she feeling that way?
  • Who is the man?
  • Where are they?
  • Does the title give you any clues about this image?
  • What are the characters thinking? Draw thought bubbles to accompany the picture.

For your next tasks, you will use evidence from the text, rather than an image, to create accurate inferences.

Lastly, remember to read for pleasure as well as completing these tasks. Over the holidays I completed a book that I cannot wait to share with you all and hope you have some suggestions for me!

Writing –

As a recap, I have attached some worksheets below that will help you practise using brackets, dashes and commas for parenthesis. Once you have worked your way through these, I would like you to write the end to a narrative linked to the video below. Before you write this, I want you to consider who the man is, where he is going, what happens as he goes through the storm and why he has chosen to do this. The purpose of your text should be to build suspense so take your time to consider your vocabulary choices.


My short example:

Without a doubt, his decision was final. As he (a mysterious figure in his most simplified form) sat preparing for what came next, he considered how this would end – would he even survive it? In front of him was his destiny, surrounded by a tempestuous storm that gave him a perilous rush amongst his melancholy heart. Out of nowhere, his dilapidated ship shook uncontrollably as the emerald light hauled him through to the other side. Obscurity. He couldn’t see or hear a thing. Moments later, a screech echoed all around him in the pitch black before it fell silent again, which left his heart pounding out of his chest. As he edged forwards, he found the source of the screech looking directly at him, waiting for his arrival…

Maths –


The home learning lessons for Year 5 cover a range of concepts from throughout the year. Some the children will be familiar with, others will be brand new. The website has a learning video, an activity sheet and the answers to check them over afterwards.

Topic –

The time has come for one of my favourite topics – The Victorians!

Though I am saddened that we can’t share this topic together in our classroom with lots of fabulous activities, I have some tasks for you to complete at home below.

I would like you to use Purple Mash, in your 2do section, to complete a fact file that will tell me all about the Victorians. But what if you don’t know anything about the Victorians? Well, now is your chance to use the BBC Bitesize to research the Victorians, write down some notes in your books and use this to create your fact file on Purple Mash.  There is a link below that will help you with your research. Please remember to save and hand in your work on Purple Mash so I can have a look at your fabulous work.


Your second task includes looking at the word mat attached in the link below and creating your own dictionary of a few of these words in your books. I have attached an example of this task below in picture form.

Music –

For music this term, we will be looking at the Victorian song. I would like you to practise singing this as well as learning the actions to go with from the video link before. Once you learn them, you will never get them out of your head!

PE –


The Body Coach releases live Youtube videos daily at 9am. Take part in it and record it in your home learning books to tell me what you enjoyed the most.

We miss you all but know how proud you are making us!

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 6/3/20 UPDATED

Hi Everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely first week of the Easter holidays. Thank you to anyone that sent me a challenge – I was beaten for the first time! Well done to everyone for their efforts and I will continue to monitor TT Rockstars ready for more challenges. 

As promised, please see the answers below from the quiz:

  1. 8 planets
  2. David Walliams 
  3. No, it has three factors 1, 3 and 9.
  4. B) Chile
  5. Sven
  6. 22 -> 11 on each side
  7. Vincent Van Gogh
  8. Safe, Meet, Accepting, Reliable, Tell
  9. Japan (specifically Tokyo)
  10. Confusion

BONUS – I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you (from Frozen 2, Into the Unknown)

If you are looking for some to do over the next week, you could design your own eggs in the house as your favourite character. You could compare them with a friend or have a competition in your house! If you do take part in this, please take pictures to put into your book or have an adult email us so I can see all of the fabulous designs.

Happy Easter from Miss Newton

Week Beginning 6/4/20

I hope you all got on well with the tasks I set you last week. This week, I completed a couple of videos for you to watch which includes a little quiz and information about TT Rockstars. Give them a watch and remember to stay safe – enjoy your Easter break! Miss Newton.

Week Beginning 30/3/20

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all well and working hard. Below are some updated activities for different areas of the curriculum with little explanations to complete this week. I will be updating this blog with different tasks to complete each week.

Maths- https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-5/

The home learning lessons for Year 5 cover a range of concepts from throughout the year. Some the children will be familiar with, others will be brand new. The website has a learning video, an activity sheet and the answers to check them over afterwards.

Remember, TT Rockstars is available and once you’ve had some practise, challenge Miss Newton before you log off!

Spellings – the below links will take you to the spelling list for this week; the powerpoint that explains the key rule; and a word search for children to enjoy/ Children like to practise their spellings by playing spelling bingo, which is a fun way for them to remember each spelling.

Handwriting –

The above resource is an example of the handwriting scheme that we follow. Pick out the letters that you are least confident with (try a couple a day) and practise them on their own and then joined up to other letters. Challenge: Can you think of a word that includes your two letters for the day and write it out in your neatest handwriting? 

Reading – https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-e-41284-improving-your-reading-skills-with-vocabulary-victor-activity-pack

As well as reading a book from home, I would like the children to focus on vocabulary this week. In the link above is a pack that contains a PowerPoint to go through the skill and a range of activities linked to different texts. They also have the answers to check over their work at the end.

Writing – https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-e-383-figurative-language-poster

In their book, I would like the children to write a setting description based on the image below. Children should consider their level of vocabulary and ensure they have included a range of figurative language. Examples of this can be found in the link above.


Topic – https://schools.fairtrade.org.uk/resource/shorter-version-of-the-story-of-chocolate-8-mins/

Task 1: Watch the video above. Use this to create your own poster/leaflet/PowerPoint informing others of how chocolate is created is why it is important that people support fair-trade farmers.

Task 2: Use the images below, and any independent research you do, to create a comparisons grid based on the UK and Africa.


PE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX05HHni9Wk

The Body Coach releases live Youtube videos daily at 9am. Take part in it and record it in your home learning books to tell me what you enjoyed the most.

Fun activities:

Guinness World Record Quiz –


Skittles Experiment:


I promised the children I would let them watch and follow a couple of how to draw videos so I’ve attached the links below and can’t wait to see their sketches when they return!

Please remember to keep and record and work that you do – this can be in your home school book, on a worksheet and pictures to stick in your book.

Keep safe everyone and take care!

Miss Newton

Week Beginning 2.3.20

Maths – This week we have been focussing on converting mixed fractions to improper fractions and vice versa. We were super at this and some children even completed some very tricky problem solving and reasoning questions.

Literacy – This week we have written our linear procedural texts based on preparing for a trip to the rainforest. We were very excited about this and were very good at considering the audience and purpose of the text throughout.

Topic – In topic this week we have completed our final observational sketches, which are brilliant! It is clear to see that so much effort has gone into these sketches and our hard work has truly paid off! 

World Book Day – For World Book Day, Year 5 were lucky enough to have a surprise visitor to deliver a Shakespeare workshop. As part of this, we played charades to learn new vocabulary and acted out some of the scenes from The Tempest. We were also super impressed with the effort the children put into their outfits – see images below!

REMINDER – Bikeability starts Mondays so please remember a bike and helmet (and that the brakes work). 

Week Beginning 24.2.20

Maths – In Maths this week we have been focussing on reasoning with 3D shapes. To do this, we had to use all of our prior knowledge of shape and apply it to different style questions. This included: finding nets of shapes, missing angles and missing lengths.

Literacy – In Literacy, we began to look at linear procedure texts to support us in writing instructions in the upcoming weeks. We saw that colons and semi-colons had been used but we didn’t know what they were so we spent the rest of this week learning how to use them correctly and effectively.

Topic – In topic, we (finally) finished our final clay animal sculptures in the style of Nick. They looked fantastic and we can’t wait to begin our next art unit.

Week Beginning 10.2.20

Maths – Year 5 have spent this week recapping methods such as long multiplication and short division. Though these are tricky methods, Miss Newton was so impressed with how much we remembered and the strategies we used to support us. 

Literacy – Wow! The children have amazed me with their final chapter stories and I am so proud of them. To end literacy this term, we have looked at Michael Morpurgo and have started to create a poem based on one of his books ‘ This morning I met a whale.’ The children have shown great enthusiasm towards this.

Topic – In topic, we have been experimenting with clay to create different patterns ready for our final clay piece: a sea creature. We thought it would be best to create a sea creature because we have focussed on rivers and pollution this term.

Week Beginning 3.2.20

Maths – Year 5 have worked their socks off in maths this week. After recapping different types of angles, we applied this knowledge to finding missing angles on a straight line and on a point. The children did a fantastic job with this so we moved onto estimating angles, which we struggled with at first but now we are experts!

Literacy – This week, the children began to write their chapter story based on the story ‘The Explorer.’ So far, I’m really impressed with everyone’s efforts and I’m looking forward to reading their final draft.

Topic – FINALLY! We all worked really hard this week to paint our 3D sculptures of mountains and rivers. Many children applied their painting techniques to this piece with a mixture of tones and textures.

Week Beginning 27.1.20

Maths – In Maths,  we have been focussing on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 around the decimal point. We began by physically moving the numbers and as we became more confident, we soon knew how to do it in our heads. 

English – In English this week, we began to identify and explain the use of key features in a chapter book. We also recapped how to punctuate direct speech and use it within a paragraph. By the end of the week, we produced fabulous paragraphs that include direct speech appropriately.

Topic – This week, we moved onto researching and analysing 3D sculptures from George Segal. The children were so interested in how these were created and couldn’t wait to create one ourselves based on mountains and rivers. See images of these below!

Week Beginning 23.1.20

What an excellent week for Year 5! Everybody has put in their best efforts to bring in their reading books and has been reading at home regularly – keep it up!

 On Monday, we celebrated World Religion Day. During this time, Year 5 were assigned to research weddings around the world – we were intrigued to discover the similarities and differences between each religion. From this information, we created leaflets to inform others about weddings around the world and also created stained glass windows to represent different weddings.

In addition to world religion day, we also began to take part in the ‘Golden Mile’ this week, which the children have been extremely enthusiastic about. At least twice a week, Year 5 will have designated time to keep active outdoors. The brilliant part about this is that each child can choose whether they would like to run or stay in the tortoise club (with Miss Newton).


Parents evening will be on Monday 27th and Wednesday 29th of January. Your child has taken a slip home to be returned before this time.

Check back in next week for updated images and information about our topic so far!