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Week Beginning 18.10.21

Sadly, we have reached the end of our beloved history unit, The Egyptians….but we’ve have so much fun and learned so many new facts which Miss Anderson and Mrs Johnson were very impressed with. We have to say that our favourite area of learning has been the mummification process- we found it absolutely fascinating! So much so, that we have written , directed and performed in our own MUMMIFICATION VIDEO!! We hope you enjoy this….and can anyone spot the cheeky wink from one of the actors? Well, watch this space……….


The outfits were absolutely fantastic!! Miss Anderson, Mrs Hall and Miss Dixon were most definitely scared by some of them! can you work out who is who in this class photo?

Word of the week




Please ensure all earrings are removed on Mondays and Thursdays, or cover them with plasters so the children are safe to partake in the lesson.


Spelling marks are improving- well done, children!! Keep up the excellent work. A reminder that spelling lists are given out on a Monday on Showbie and are to be tested on the Friday of that week. Low scores will result in a retest the following Monday.


All children are set a comprehension on a Friday, they have a week to complete this. Please ensure this is done by 9am on the following Friday morning.

Reading books and reading diaries

Children are expected to read for 15 minutes per night and must ensure a comment is recorded in their reading diary. There will be checks made each Monday, Wednesday and Friday- so children must have their books and diaries in school on those days.


Happy Half Term Everyone! | Windy Nook Primary School

Week Beginning 11.10.21

What a fantastic week it has been!! From our really meaningful activities on Monday for our Mental Health day to our fabulous renaissance artwork at the end of the week. On Monday the children designed some very thoughtful superheroes that had special powers to ensure all children and staff were looked after- well done year 3 and 4!

During our art lessons we have produced some amazing work!! We have continued to study the renaissance period, with our case study, Leonardo Da Vinci. We have been studying line, tone and texture and exploring different art pencils. We built up our skills in each lesson to drawing an eye, a face and sketching and shading the Mona Lisa- let’s hope we don’t have ours stolen from the school like Da Vinci’s was stolen from The Louvre in Paris!! Here are the first stages of our artwork… the final sketches of The Mona Lisa to appear next week!!

Can you match the name to the artist?
Da Vinci’s face
Mona Lisa sketch
Mona Lisa sketch

Word of the Week



All homework is set on showbie each Friday and must be completed by the following Friday.

Spellings are set on showbie each Monday, which are to be tested on the Friday.

Children must read for 15 minutes each night and have their diary signed at least 3 times a week, which must be brought into school on a MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY.

Week Beginning 4.10.21

I am thrilled with how well the children have settled into their new mixed class- it has been so exciting and they have come so far in just 5 weeks! They are really getting their teeth into the new topics, such as Egyptians (especially mummification!) and have started some fantastic sketching work on the Mona Lisa as they continue to study The Renaissance era in art. Look out next week for those sketches……. you will be bowled over!

We have also been working hard in our English lessons as we continue to enjoy our picture book, The Whale. As we move through the unit of work, we collect our ideas and good examples of work and display them on our writing wall to help us with our final piece. Please take a look at our writing wall, examples of work and other classroom displays.

Working with new phrases
Narrative setting- final piece
Research on the importance of The River Nile
The importance of irrigation
Year 3/4 history diaply

Word of the week


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